April 10, 2005

Monthly blog entry (April)

Sorry I haven't written... life has been busy & insane & I've pretty much decided that rather than commit to a weekly entry, I'm going to commit to a monthly entry for the time being... at least until things simmer down a bit and if I feel moved to post sooner, I will.

It doesn't help that my digital camera is a major pain to use: the software that came with the silly thing does NOT want to work in Windows on my machine, so I have to use Linux to do it...the program there is not intuitive... (for the record, I think that not a LOT in Linux is intuitive... it's a great operating system when things DO work, but it is in no way intuitive...some of the Linuxes are better than others)...

I've been knitting a lot of cloths lately: I have 3 or 4 done for a cloth exchange with some friends... before I ship them off to Australia, I'll take some pictures.

Haven't done a lot with Rogue or the Poncho, but I'll definitely get back to Rogue. I'm still trying to decide if I want to make the Muchos poncho: I've got all the color work done for one end of the poncho & it feels incredibly heavy & I'm kind of thinking that maybe a jacket would be more practical... the colorwork is pretty (I'll take a photo some day) but even for a cold climate, I'm not sure that this type of poncho would make sense because of the open nature of Ponchos... a sweater/jacket would have more of a warming effect & this poncho would basically be a walking blanket & may not necessarily keep your arms warm... gotta think about this!

A walking blanket may be great for soccer games & for the little ones that like to snuggle up and stay warm, but this one is incredibly heavy.. maybe I'll go through my Lopi colors & come up with a poncho in a similar style as the Muchos poncho & make something that's not quite as heavy... the Briggs & Little Country Roving is a little bit lighter & might work as well... something to think about.

School is almost over & we're going to be moving...got a lot of packing & sorting to do & hopefully the sell-give-away pile will be larger than the keep pile...and the throwaway pile can be as big as it needs to be...

Have a good April!

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