August 29, 2012

29 Faces Redux

I'll give it a try. I may not post them in a timely fashion (and I think I still have some that I need to post from the last 29 faces challenge)... I think I have JUST the book for it, but not sure I have enough paper since I did a couple of drawings in it. May get another... :)

Still trying to get unblocked. Maybe I'll do my own personal art challenge... or do a variation of my own on faces... we'll see. Starts Saturday!

Got a fair bit of knitting done during the Ravellenic games, got 3 shawls and 1 tam started, finished Blossoms by the Brook (but have not blocked it) and am almost finished with the tam. The shawls are: Bigger on the Inside, Color Affection & Lace Wingspan. Now I'm feeling a bit of a pull to knit a sweater, not sure which one, though, maybe this one

Wingspan & the tam are posted on my last entry and here are the others:

Color Insanity (color affection pattern):


Bigger on the Inside:


Here the yarn for Bigger on the Inside: dyed by me, myself & I:


And the Ravellenic Medal I received for dyeing it & 4 other skeins:


And here is the medal for the Cast On Trapshoot:


Purty, aren't they?? :)

I'll have to go through & see which photos from the A to Z challenge & 29 faces have already been posted (or maybe just make a complete page for them)...

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August 11, 2012

Busy, just not blogging

Haven't felt up to posting, but I got a few projects started for the Ravelry "Ravellenic Games" in the Cast On Mania Trapshoot event... 2 shawls and a tam started so far, and sometime today I'll start another shawl and maybe one other thing, not sure yet... the shawls I have started so far are:

Lace Wingspan:


Color Affection: I haven't taken any pictures yet, but here is one of the yarns, the main color:


The Tam is designed by Rosemary Hill (Romi) and is called Urania's Tam:


I'll probably start Bigger on the Inside with a yarn that I dyed in Tardis inspired colors:


I also dyed 5 skeins of yarn for the Hand Dye High Dive event and have finished that. Tomorrow is the last day & I'll take some pictures of all projects for the trapshoot.

Haven't felt up to doing any art. I held some paper today thinking that maybe I'd do something. Maybe if I had some more art supplies I would have done a bit of drawing.

Enough for now! :) I'll end with a map of states I've visited:

visited 25 states (50%)
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