July 09, 2012

blocked again (sort of)

or am I just distracted by knitting? Been keeping up with the Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl project (by Wendy Johnson); I've already finished part C and am waiting for part D to show up tomorrow... there's a small chance that I may decide to lengthen it (3 more rows) but I will see what part D looks like first... also I'm thinking that 12" may be long enough... will take photos eventually! It's looking nice. It's pink... I chose this yarn over 2 or 3 others because it's got nylon in it & seems to be a sturdy yarn... I'd like to use the cobalt for something, but I'm not sure how sturdy it is.. still waiting to hear from others about Harrisville fingering weight yarn.

I finally got some watercolor paper (a Canson XL pad: 140 lbs... I have some around the house somewhere, but I'll probably run out, so it's all good.. that's if I can break out of having to work in a sketchbook... I think the problem is not knowing where to put finished pieces that aren't in a sketchbook. What I could do is to fix up some of the MDF boards that I've gesso'd with a way to hang them up & put them all up (blank!) onto the walls & "decorate" a board when i feel up to it & then put it back up there... or I could get a box for the purpose of storing finished artwork...

Also got some cool drawing stuff this weekend: one Saturday I found someone selling a feather pen with berry ink... I tried it & it's a dark red color... haven't tried mine yet, but will today!

Yesterday I got a pencil made from a tree branch & a pen with a white tiger on it..

Will take pics & share sometime this week...

Ms Bones has lost some weight: she's eating well & about a week ago was 40" and was around 38 a day or two ago... (may have been the angle or something, but I measure her standing up).. and we'll see how she does at the vet on Thursday.

Here's a heart challenge for July: I missed 8 days, but will go ahead & start now! :D

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