June 23, 2010

June 05, 2010


I thought I blogged yesterday, but there is nothing for June 4th! I had started a post about getting some stuff for chinese/japanese style painting, since carrying around bottled ink can be messy & dangerous!

I guess I just closed my browser without finishing it & lost it... So I guess I'm done trying to post daily... lol I'll try again another time when there's another daily blog thingie...

I guess this every day blogging business isn't for me! It was fun to try... so I guess I will go back & do my "whenever" blogging!! I prefer writing stuff in a paper journal anyway...

Today, the temperatures are supposed to reach 100. I just checked weatherunderground & it is only 93, so who knows if it will make it to 100 or not by 5!

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June 03, 2010


Okay, so the photo is on the blurry side.. one of these days I'll get a scanner!


Sent out the best of 9... hope they get there in time!

Got a fridge in our place today, yeah!! One step closer....

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June 02, 2010

Hometown Monopoly

So my youngest & I have been playing Hometown Monopoly.. that was a few days ago. It's more interesting than the original version because it has Fort Worth history in it. It's harder to FIND the properties while playing the game, but maybe this will change in time as we get used to playing.

Here is a photo of Mr. Jellybean's contribution to the game:


Need to browse through the thrift stores for more cool games!

Yesterday I made several zentangles. I'll try taking photos before sending them off, but I suspect a scanner would work better. We'll see!

I didn't knit yesterday, maybe I will today. I want to hurry up (????) and finish my spring forward socks so that I can either start a driving hat. Our van's a/c is borked, so we have to keep the windows open to stay comfortable... my hair goes EVERYWHERE... ugh. SO I'll make a hat, either with Fixation yarn or Panda cotton. Not sure which will be comfy for summer... not sure what pattern, maybe I'll do something like the Trou Trou hat so that it is an airy but hopefully snug hat.

I put the ???? up there because this project is over a year old. It was in my purse when we lost the house to the fire... was on a different set of needles because the other needles either got puppy chewed or zipper chewed... I seem to take forever with socks but fortunately my feet don't grow like children's feet do!

Tomorrow we're supposed to get a refrigerator delivered. I'm not sure what type, but it will help TONS in getting us back to our place...

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June 01, 2010


Don't know if I'll try to blog every day this month or not, but I'll start with today! :) I'm not sure what exactly I'll do with my daily blog entries... but it'll include reports on progress in moving over to our place... art projects, maybe some photos.. maybe some things that the boys do as well...

This morning I called TXU our electric provider to find out what is up with setting up our electric service at our new place (where the house burned)... last week the rep I spoke to swore up and down that we were guaranteed to have service by midnight on Thursday and then again on Friday, guaranteed connection... apparently there were issues with a transformer across the street.

SO this morning I called them to find out what is up with getting service connected... the person I spoke to said that she spoke to Oncar (who provides the power) and they said that we need to get the place re-wired. I asked why. The answer was because there was a fire. Hello, the fire was in a different building that burned to the ground. Kapoof. Gone. So they asked about the meter... I told them the meter was destroyed in the fire as well. This is a totally completely different building. SO now I have to call Oncar.

I'll either have Gary call them by voice (I've been using the TDD relay system on AIM) or I'll call this afternoon...

Been working on the Mandala mystery & this afternoon may also see if it's too late to send some Zentangles in for an ATC swap with my Imagination Tribe group...

UPDATE 1:30pm: while we were out, we got a call from Oncar asking for directions to our place... on the way back we went by our place & there's a meter in there, so I guess we're hooked up now! It's a start...and I guess I don't need to call them after all...

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