May 12, 2010

painting with house paint

I got a few small (half pint sample) cans of house paint a few days ago & tried some out.. .I like the way the paint goes down... one thing I noticed is that mixing colors doesn't work as well with house paint as it might be with acrylics... I haven't tried much in the way of painting in a long time, so this is kind of new to me...need to find out more about different acrylic brands & get some...

Also got a sketchbook with handmade water color paper... I got it from Hobby Lobby & used a 40% off coupon.

I was afraid to do anything with it at first, but had a little fun testing the colors from my Van Gogh watercolor pan set... something about the piece I did last night reminds me a little tiny bit of Joan Miró. Maybe I'll take a picture later!

Eventually I'd like to get a suzuri ink stone & ink stick, but will save up for it! That should be less messy than bottled ink!!

Been knitting a row here & there... mostly on a pair of socks I started last year!

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May 09, 2010

Just stuff

oops, didn't post anything in April, but I guess I'll put in a couple of entries this month to make up for it!

I've been doing a little bit of painting... since I don't have a local art store (unless Michaels & Hobby Lobby count & even they are NOT local), I either order online (which I haven't done)... what I am playing with now is housepaint... Lowes has 1/2 pints available for a reasonable price & I've been using those... and need to get more. I may order some acrylic or oils later on. We'll see!

No photos until I get new batteries for the camera...the ones in there are dead.

This place doesn't really have a good place to paint or do artwork, but I think the double wide might. For one thing it is roomier overall. We haven't been able to get the septic system for the other place yet (and without it, the water company will not deliver).

Not much else, except I'm toying with the idea of putting henna & cassia in my hair. I'll decide if I like it once I do a test on hairbrush hair!

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