January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope this turns out to be a great year for everyone!

Last night, after the new year rang in, I sat down with my journal & made a list of the WIPs/UFOs that I have here... didn't do it with the intention of setting goals, I mostly wanted to see on paper what I have in progress... a handful of socks, a shawl & 2 tapestry-navajo weaving projects: one that is stalled while I decide what the center motif will be (it will either be a geometric design or something like howling wolves or other animal) and the other one is just the other side of a warp still waiting for me to come up with what to put on it... I think for that one, I'll do some soumak weaving...

I have done soumak weaving, but mostly have done it for the edge of my tapestry as a way of spacing the warp & providing a nice edge... I usually use that or twining... this time I'll do the whole piece in soumak and will refer to this tutorial

I would like to finish a couple of pairs of socks before this winter is over...


2009 has been an interesting year... I'll see if I can say something about each month:

January: nothing remarkable...
February: brought 3 puppies to Catahoula rescue & got Theresa & Pixel spayed
twins turned 14.

March: we finally had the twins birthday party in March & saw friends from Valley View that we had not seen since 2005! That was awesome!

April: lost our house in Texas wildfire on April 9th. While this has created challenges & difficulties, it is giving us a chance to start over. We lost 4 of our cats (couldn't find them, hopefully they are okay SOMEWHERE & hopefully we'll see them again) and 2 of the dogs disappeared when we moved to where we're staying a mile from our house. Hopefully they are okay and in good homes somewhere... I worry most about Nikki & Littleface as they are our oldest cats (Slug's the oldest one we have now, she is Littleface's sister

May: I had a birthday... we spent most of this month (and last, after the fire) dealing with finding things we need & such...

June: youngest turned 8
July: occasional swimming. lost Ruthie (one of the puppies) in a stupid freak accident. No details.

August: more occasional swimming but not as much as in the past because of summer rec. I don't think I will purchase a pool pass next year.
found a double wide that we wanted to purchase.

September: purchased double wide & it was delivered in late September... still not sure if this was the best choice for us. (Jan 1: we are still trying to figure out how we're going to afford septic OR trying to figure out what type of alternatives we can use so that we can move over there & stop making 2 real estate payments per month... composting toilets is one option... )

Gary started new job at Labinal TX working on the Boeing Dreamliner plane

October: middle son turned 12

November: Gary had a birthday... although nothing remarkable happened this month, I spent the last few months on & off finding out what we need to move back to our place & such... finding out what programs there are, etc... mostly finding out that there's not-a-lot...

December: Windstar van blew a gasket.. still looking for replacement vehicle. I'm dreaning of a Honda Odyssey, but will settle for a Caravan/Voyager/Grand Caravan or Grand Voyager... anything cheap & RELIABLE...

Will post photos of the tapestry piece & socks & such another time!

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