September 29, 2009

One more blog entry for September!

What a LONG month this has been (and it's not even a 31 day month)! The waiting to see if we could qualify for the loan to get the double wide, then watching & waiting to see what the weather would do so we could have it delivered... finally delivery was last week & then waiting to see if Gary would get a job that he applied for & also waiting to be able to buy stuff to get things moved along...

We have a big oak tree that needs to be cut down before the electric company will install... so yesterday after work, Gary picked up a chainsaw... that will also make it possible to clear some of the mini forest that is trying to grow in between the rock shed & the front door... I'll try to keep him from choppng it ALL down... leave a couple of the flower plants & a couple of the thicker growth! I'll take more pictures tomorrw...

Here's a photo of the oak & mulberry tree after the fire:


I think the Catalpa tree is going to have to come down also.. it was burned pretty badly but there is growth all around it...


Knitting for a change

I've been working on Aestlight with one of my handpainted yarns:


Here's what we saw the afternoon/evening after our doublewide was planted... I like to see it as a good-luck sign!

When the workers were just about done for the day, the sky opened:


When we got back to where we were staying we saw a double rainbow...

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September 22, 2009

It's been planted!

After watching the weather for over a week, our doublewide arrived yesterday!

My camera cable is in storage & as soon as we get the box back (hopefully later today) I'll upload some photos of it on site.. meanwhile, here are a couple of NOT GOOD photos... the darker photo makes it look old & run down (okay it's a little old, it's a 1998) but it's not run down!


This photo makes the house look REALLY rough looking... but what you're seeing here is 1: bad lighting & 2: the 2 halves are NOT put together yet... if you look at the left side of the photo, you'll see that the back half is sticking out...


It needs paint but not as badly as the first photo suggests... the sun was in my eyes, and then I lightened the photo... there WILL be better pix later on!

Lots to do: gotta get the utilities set up, need a service pole & meter socket for the electricity to be turned on... need to cut down the old oak tree, which burned in the fire (sigh) and need to get septic installed.. inside we'll need to get some flooring for some of the rooms right away & not so fast for some other rooms... need to build stairs for the side door (maybe a ramp)... just lots to do... I'm guessing 2 weeks we'll be able to move in and then we'll be able to come back here & clean up again. Since we did a decent cleaning last week, it shouldn't be so hard to do it when everything is out of the way (mainly cats & dogs & kids)..

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September 10, 2009

It's really happening!

Tomorrow we're supposed to have a double wide delivered to our old property where our house was... I have mixed feelings about this as I was hoping we could move, preferably someplace not so close to the road, but it got complicated: would have to find a buyer for the old place *&* find a new place *&* then there would be closing fees... for now it's easier to just move back to the old place...

SOooooooo the double wide is supposed to come tomorrow as long as it doesn't rain cats & dogs & elephants...

Lots of stuff to do: arrange all the utilities, arrange to get a new septic installed since the water co guy said that ours would not pass because of age... not a whole LOT of packing, but we'll need to locate furniture & stuff like that...also will need to locate flooring since most of the rooms only have subflooring, which I'm fine with since I don't want to HAVE to be limited to someone else's flooring choices... which is usually carpeting & hard to keep clean when you have cats & dogs!

We won't have to move anything into storage, whew... just move it all right to the new place...

All that while still being a mom and keeping up with customer orders.

There probably won't be any delay in getting internet set up, but hopefully we'll be able to find something to put the computers ON besides the floor when we move...

A brief glimpse at our new home from the lot we bought it from:


This is a VERY foreshortened view, it's not as short as it looks & is actually roomy inside... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a decent sized living room, tiny dining room or whatever that little room off the kitchen is, etc., etc...

And a photo of the living room with the kitchen in view... I was standing in the middle of the living room so this isn't the greatest pic in the world:


Lots of cleaning up will be needed... we can do that over the weekend & on Monday when we'll need to be there to wait for the electric & phone-internet to be hooked up...

I'll probably have more photos after it's delivered...


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September 08, 2009

Yarn for sale Yarn for sale!

Okeydoke... got some yarn for sale, help keep me from having to move with this beautiful stuff:


The above has 50% superwash merino, 25% superfine alpaca and 25% nylon... will sell for $22 plus shipping...


The above has 75% superwash wool & 25% nylon... will sell for $18 per shipping


Make a pair of nice WARM socks: the above is worsted weight, has 75% wool & 25% nylon...
$12 each, 2 skeins make a pair.. plus shipping


The above is a grab bag of Briggs & Little yarns, all 100% wool... the black, red & yellow skeins are sport weight and the fern green skeins are worsted weight... $4.50/skein or $20 for the whole lot... plus shipping...

email me if you'd like to buy any of these...

Update Stuff

We're supposed to be moving out of here by early next week... HOPEFULLY today we'll find out more details about the double wide we're hoping to get... if we don't get it, not sure yet what we'll do but I have some ideas... yeah I'm a nervous wreck, trying not to be though!!

I haven't been knitting or weaving very much, though I have been working a round here and there on these socks:



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