April 30, 2009

Texas Wildfires

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we lost our house on April 9th when the Texas Wildfires blew through our town... everyone is okay and we took the dogs with us, found half the cats & we're currently staying at a mobile home owned by our neighbors.

We're still sorting out all our options & want ALL our customers to know that we will be filling orders as best as we can (and we're currently in the process of getting our new computer set up with the internet so that we don't have to rely on the library for email, shipping labels & such)...

Thanks to all who have been so incredibly generous with help & such... some of you have asked for a list of needs & every time I start to write one, I find that some of the funds that have been given to us are meant to cover some of the things listed... also, since we still don't know what exactly we'll be doing regarding rebuilding, we don't know what we'll need... we'll get it all figured out!!

If you've ordered something and have not heard back from me, please please PLEASE write to this email address to let me know! It will not bother me, in fact it will bother me more if I go through my paypal orders & click on "check shipment" and find that your order has not arrived, so let me know!!


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April 02, 2009

yarn & such

I've put some of the yarn that I have on hand up for sale:

Softspun in espresso (several skeins) $5.25/skein (normally $58 for a 10-pack)

Atlantic in scarlet (a light red, almost orange) (several skeins) $4.25/skein

Random skeins of fewer than 5 colors $4/skein for these:
I have a few skeins of Red Atlantic in different dye lots
Violet Atlantic (2 or 3 skeins)
Light Maroon Atlantic (1 or 2 skeins)
Rust Heritage (5 or 6 skeins)...
Plus shipping!

Heritage & Atlantic are normally $4.80 for a 10 pack or $5.30/skein.

Email me at this email address if you're interested in any of these yarns!

Puppy Kindergarten

I've signed Pixel up for Puppy kindergarten. The classes start on Tuesday 4/7. The first class is for humans only, no pooches. I thought about bringing Toph, but when I spoke to the trainer a few days ago, she said that I could bring 1 dog and then go home & work with the others based on what I learn.

We've been having some problems with her with aggression toward the puppies, and we haven't yet figured out a pattern. She plays REALLY well with them & is eve gentle with them during play time.

Sometimes it's over a bit of food that falls on the floor, sometimes we can't figure out what started it. Most of the time it's one of the girls (Ruthie or Puzzler or Goldie) but she has attacked YinYang a time or two and maybe Toph.

I talked to the trainer about it a few days ago & as best as we can tell is she was removed from her litter too soon. I was told that the puppies were 8 weeks old when we first got them, but I'm thinking now that they were closer to 6 weeks.

Basically when she picks a fight with a puppy, it doesn't look like she's going to stop, not even after one of the puppies rolls over in a submissive position... so we have to pull her off (not safe!) and then we put her in puppy bed (her crate).

One good thing: over the weekend, she got into a fight with Theresa & Pixel rolled over & I don't remember having seen her pick any fights since then. I'm HOPING that helped!

Hopefullly dog training will help as well.


I'm almost done with the Rogue hem & would like to toss some additional color on a few skeins of the Fern Green yarn that I'm using so that it'll come out subtly variegated...

I'm also working on a headband or hat... if you are a Ravelry member, you'll be able to see this page

And whenever my Pony Pearl sock needles get here, I'll start a pair of socks. My sampler sock project bag went missing & it has not turned up. I really really hope that the puppies have not made off with it & ruined the project!!

Robin Hood Play

The time of the play is getting closer & closer. It's in May. We're getting Harrison & Reuven's costumes together. I need to dye Harrison's fabric, probably will do it today or tomorrow...

Nuffernow! No photos today, maybe next time! :)

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