March 11, 2009

Oops... I have a blog, don't I?

Sorry about that, folks! First we switched operating systems (from Slackware Linux, to Ubuntu Linux) and I needed to dig out the link (which was in my bookmarks, duhhh) and then I just got lazy & didn't post.

We lost 3 puppies total from the parvo in December, Toph got sick for a day & recovered... Puzzler & Yin Yang got very sick & we thought we were going to lose them. We still have them!

Then on February 12th, we met the Catahoula lady & brought her 3 of the girls: Brella, Splotch & Z-2. At this writing, we know Brella has a new home & Z-2 was supposed to go to a meet & see, no idea how that turned out. I'll email & find out! Brella has a playmate & lives about 2 hours (?) from here...

Then about 3 weeks ago, we got Pixel & Theresa spayed. That was interesting as both of them had some problems with their incision, but we gave them some antibiotics & the first couple of days, Theresa was having problems with discomfort... both are fine now.

I'd still like for us to find a home for one more puppy. I think we've all agreed on Ruthie.

This is a photo of Ruthie leaning on Puzzler... around 3 or 4 months old.

The other 3 I don't think we can give up. I've asked around about the sanity of keeping 2 boys from the same litter & so far my conclusion is: we'll see how it goes. I know at least 2 folks who had 2 boys from the same litter & it was fine & they loved each other... I'm guessing it's a matter of temperament. We also have the advantage of having had them since birth so the dynamics may be different from when you get puppies from someone else.

My younger 2 are taking a drama class down in Decatur and in May will be performing in Robin Hood. My youngest is one of Robin's merry band & the other is "soldier 1". I'm trying to come up with patterns for their clothing... will make the shoes, need to find some leather. I have some corduroy for the soldier costume but kind of would like to find some white velvet to dye or blue velvet... may inkle weave their belts.

In December we got Guitar Hero for the xbox360 and they loved it & Harrison is learning to play (electric) guitar... he got a Little Lyons for his birthday & is now interested in a more grown up guitar... maybe for his next birthday... or an early birthday present in June when the youngest has his birthday... we'll see how that goes! My oldest wants a drum set. We're keeping an eye out for them!

Texas weather is as weird as ever... it was nearly summerlike last week & we just recently hit another cold spell which will last until Sunday or Monday... won't get much warmer than 45/54 before then! Dig out the long sleeves!! I guess it'll start warming up or being 60ish just in time for spring break...

Nuffernow... here's a few pooch photos...Theresa's puppies are almost 5 months old now, most of these photos were taken at around 4 months:


Toph-what a chin!

YinYang-uhhh, do you suppose I could have some of that? Please? Pretty please?

Supo & Puzzler! Supo's not afraid of no steenkin' puppies!

Pixel's nearly full grown? She's 9 months old now!


More another time!

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