June 04, 2010

Grass Fed meat

We get our meat from Paidom Meat and have been getting meat for a couple of years now. I like it because I know it's healthier & leaner & love the variety he offers even though he only does deliveries every 2 months.

If we run out of ground beef & need more, we can go with Laura's patties from the grocery store, but it's not as good & tastes like regular beef. NO idea if Laura's meat is grass fed or not.

My favorite cookbook for cooking with grass fed meat is The grassfed gourmet cookbook: healthy cooking and good living with pasture-raised foods

I'm working on finding oriental calligraphy supplies so that I don't have to drag around bottles of ink. Would like to find a small ink stone, have been looking on the net & on eBay for ideas. I did win one auction of an interesting looking stone that's supposed to be Size = 2cm x 9cm x 11.4cm / 0.7" x 3.5" x 4.4" and is an odd shape but round in the grinding area... may get some colored ink sticks as well...

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