September 22, 2009

It's been planted!

After watching the weather for over a week, our doublewide arrived yesterday!

My camera cable is in storage & as soon as we get the box back (hopefully later today) I'll upload some photos of it on site.. meanwhile, here are a couple of NOT GOOD photos... the darker photo makes it look old & run down (okay it's a little old, it's a 1998) but it's not run down!


This photo makes the house look REALLY rough looking... but what you're seeing here is 1: bad lighting & 2: the 2 halves are NOT put together yet... if you look at the left side of the photo, you'll see that the back half is sticking out...


It needs paint but not as badly as the first photo suggests... the sun was in my eyes, and then I lightened the photo... there WILL be better pix later on!

Lots to do: gotta get the utilities set up, need a service pole & meter socket for the electricity to be turned on... need to cut down the old oak tree, which burned in the fire (sigh) and need to get septic installed.. inside we'll need to get some flooring for some of the rooms right away & not so fast for some other rooms... need to build stairs for the side door (maybe a ramp)... just lots to do... I'm guessing 2 weeks we'll be able to move in and then we'll be able to come back here & clean up again. Since we did a decent cleaning last week, it shouldn't be so hard to do it when everything is out of the way (mainly cats & dogs & kids)..

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