November 25, 2007

So much for that

Well so much for NaNoWriMo and Tapestry weaving Every Day In November... this has not been a good month as Gary was in the hospital to get his medications adjusted since the 14th and I've been acting as single mom for the time being... hopefully he will get out on Tuesday.

I have started about 3 or 4 other projects & picked up a UFO... one is a hat that I'm thinking of seeing how I like it as a beret-snood and if I don't like it as a beret-snood, I will frog back, make a headband & turn it into a cap...

Also have a possible Celtic cap in progress for Gary & have been working on my cousin's daughter's socks, am doing the heel for them but am wondering if maybe I should have been doing the heel on 2/3rd of the stitches instead of 1/2... I only did 3 or 4 rows of heel work so tinking back to get 2/3rds for the heel is still a possibility & not painful.

No pics today... maybe I'll do tapestry weaving Every Day in December if things settle down a bit. We don't DO Christmas and Chanukah is VERY early this year, so I won't be fussing with much in the way of holiday gifts. I'm not even really in a holiday mood right now since Gary not only missed having his birthday at home but also Thanksgiving...

On top of that, it's been cold for Texas... some of you might laugh because our current temps are a heat wave for y'all, but the normal temp for this time of year is 50-60 for the highs and 30-40 for the lows... it's 36 F right now, light rain with chances of snow flurries & it's supposed to be 56 F tomorrow...MUCH better... I'd prefer a TRUE winter to this silly roller coaster weather nonsense, but that's the way Texas is: if you don't like the weather, wait a few days & it'll change... except in summer when it's always hot. I don't like hot unless I can go swimming though!

Hope everyone else had a good holiday though!

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November 03, 2007


Got over 1000 words yesterday and I think I should be able to do a few more today. If I could get something really going in my story, I should be able to catch up... we'll see!

I downloaded the NanoWrimo participant icon but for some reason I can't put it in my template & add it to my sidebar... for now, here it is:


If you're already doing NanoWriMo yourself or/and would like to keep track of my word progress and see an excerpt, my username is PatchWorkgirl....

I also got a bit of weaving done yesterday...
I think my son wrote 1 sentence, hehehe.

Gonna go write... and weave... I'll post photos later!

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November 02, 2007

NaDoWhat part 3 (NaNoWriMo & Every day in November)

Well, this morning I decided that I AM going to try my hand at NaNoWriMo... I have 800 words so far, and I have a vague idea of where the story is going to go. I don't have a conflict JUST yet, but I figure it'll come through as I write and get to know my characters.

I'm trying to write about what I know, but not directly about myself or my life. The main character is a mother & she has a 23 year old daughter and 3 younger sons.

I haven't written in years & am having a little trouble with some things. In the margins of my green Composition notebook, I wrote a couple of insults & the working title, which is
Chocolate Cake and a Secret Pattern. I don't know if the genre is going to lean more toward chic lit or what. I don't know if it will be appropriate for kids or not.

Harrison is also going to be doing some writing. His story is going to be medieval, based on a game he & his brothers play. I'm going to see if they have a NaNoWriMo site for kids for him to keep track of his word count, etc.

This is going to be interesting.

My name on the NaNoWriMo site is PatchworkGirl & I just found a link for young writers: It is

Tapestry weaving: every day in November

I'm also going to do a bit of weaving every day. I did some more work on the bottom section & hope to get to the first batch of stripes later today. For tapestry weaving, it's going to be "every day in November" instead of NaTapWeavMo... maybe next year... For now "every day in November" will suffice!

My reason for that is I'm not really sure how long it takes to weave a piece & trying to come up with something (50,000 rows/picks/what?) that might match the parameters of nanowrimo/naknisweamo doesn't wrap around my brain right now...

I guess I could do the math & see how that goes! :)

I have 65 warp threads and haven't determined how long it takes to weave 10 rows or how many makes an inch, etc & 10 rows isn't a WHOLE lot (650 picks)... I'd get to 50,000 picks after doing about 770 rows of weaving... I just don't have enough info to do NaTapWeavMo so will just go with "every day in November" and see how that goes!

and some knitting too

With all this, somehow I will manage to finish Sarah's socks. I need to take some pictures! Since I can't write or weave while watching movies or talking to people, I will knit then! (OR if I just plain FEEL like it!)

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