January 11, 2007

Destination 1 Arrival 7:30pm EST

I've just been informed that she has reached her first destination & will wind down & have a TRUE & PROPER Philly Cheese Steak & rest before heading to her next destination which I think is less than an hour away... YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Kudos on a safe and successful trip!!

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East Texas, PA

Well, a few minutes ago (6:45 EST) she had crossed East Texas, PA, which is about 15 minutes from her destination... I think it's funny because everyone in Texas talks about East Texas... Tyler, Palestine, Greenville, Longview, Nagadoches, etc...

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5:30pm update

At 3:30 my time/4:30 eastern time, Ann IM'd me with the following:
This's gonna be brief
But she's crossed into PA!!
From Cumberland, MD
I heard this loud warwhoop and thought William'd done something weird, LOL but it was cos they'd crossed the PA State Line. :)

Now the folks in chat say that she is 39 miles from her destination...


Rollllllllllll Onnnnnnnnnn!!

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10:55am update

As of 15 minutes ago, Liz was outside Roanoke, Virginia...
William is awake...
According to Weather Underground, her driving weather is 37 degrees F/3 degrees C & cloudy...

Roll on!

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Update on Liz's travels!

My friend Liz is travelling from Alabama with her son & kitten, and here are the text messages I received:

At 7:11am, Liz sent a text message saying she's not tired yet & sent me someone else's Yahoo info to add to my buddy list so I can get more updates from there! Also she is talking to Shelly who said she is 40 miles from VA, 40 miles from Bristol exit! About 5-1/2 hours to go!

Also, kitten is with a friend for now... she'll pick her up another time!

50 mi from TN
From: Liz
03:41am 01/11/07

Just entered GA
read last sign
wrong hugs

From Liz

tn nnw

Boy tn is a big state.Just outside knoxville.

Just sent a reply to her saying that I'm updating my blog & to rest if nec & hugs! More as I get them, will go back to sleep for a while since no one else is up. I can't believe it is almost 7 and is still dark here in Texas, but it is January...

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