December 18, 2005

New socks

I've been wearing my new Cityline Pink socks... I took some pictures, but my digital camera program isn't cooperating with letting me save the pictures to the HD so I'll have to show them another time...also a friend of mine knit me a pair of wonderful socks with Trekking in a wonderful green/lime blend... will show them another time as well.

Reuven got into a couple of pictures: he wanted to show off his new tooth gap: he lost his first baby tooth a week ago... will have to try to get pictures another time. Something to look forward to! (Also may take new photos: with the mess we've been making packing, the background is a bit gross...)

Also started a new pair of socks with Opal Dreamcatcher yarn... will work from the inside and outside of the ball since there are an ODD number of repeats, in this ball... hopefully the color changes will be interesting enough like "ooh, here comes orange"... and "oooh, here comes the blue & white fair isle"... etc... and won't take as long as my pink socks took... I started them sometime in 2001 or 2002 and cast off a couple of weeks ago...

I worked toe up, probably with a figure 8 cast on (I started too long ago to remember for sure: I know I tried 2 or 3 techniques before settling on this one), used a knit 3 purl 2 ribbing on the instep & leg & then did a picot edge that I learned from (Claudia's instructions... I was inspired by her comment about knitting live stitches into the starting round of picot versus sewing the edge down... not wanting to be thought of as "wussy" I decided I would see if I could come up with a way to use a knitting technique versus a sewing technique to finish my picot socks & I did!

Heck, even Claudia herself told me to sew the edges down...but I found another it a better way? I don't know... will see next time I try the technique it might be easier... 2nd go arounds usually are.
What I did was to put in a circular needle where at the first round of the 15 round sequence of picot (you probably can use thread or other yarn instead of circular needles...this is like using a lifeline, only instead of it being a lifeline thread it's used for marking or holding the stitches you want to use to pick up for the 3 needle bind off)...then you proceed to knit 7 rounds, then you do the picot round, then another 7 rounds... after the last round is done & you're ready to bind off, do a 3 needle bindoff.. it worked great for my socks... a bit finicky putting in the circular for the lifeline row, but I think the results were worth it... and Claudia won't think I'm wussy!

Off to knit for a bit...really wanted to be working on my neighbor's hat, but with all the insanity of packing for our move, it has gone missing... I always say it'll turn up when I'm not looking for it!

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