May 30, 2012

29 Faces-missed photos & catchup

Well, I missed a picture that I had meant to post a couple of weeks ago, here it is:


I did this one in the book with black paper & a white gel pen... it's a lot of fun to draw on!

Now for some updated photos:

May 27th:



May 29th:



May 30th (today, day of posting)

I did this self portrait in pencil in my large watercolor book & then went over it with ink:


Did this Frida Kahlo piece with watercolor pencil & Inktense:


I believe this brings me up to 19 faces with one more day to go before May is over. I'll get 29 but will leak into June! :)

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May 27, 2012

catch up from A-Z challenge

L is for Laborador and R is for Reuven:


N is for Needlework & O is for Owl

I did these in blackwork... no black here, but it's still the blackwork technique.. need to finish both!


So I've got A through L, N, O and R... missing M, P, Q, S through Z... someday maybe? (Would like to get these done before summer...

Will have another Faces post soon!

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May 24, 2012

29 Faces-list

List of Faces I've done so far this month:
May 7th: Jessica (art group model)
May 9th: Indian Blanket Face
May 14th: 3 portrait drawingss of our art group model
May 17th: Imaginary face in ink
May 18th: oil pastel face, imaginary
May 20st: Nannie (ink)
May 21st: Donna Summer (ink)
May 23rd: Donna Summer (watercolor)
May 23rd: Jimbo (ink)

11 so far and 8 days left of the month. If I do 2 or 3 a day, I may make it, but again, I'm cool about continuing past May!

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New Faces

29 Faces

Catching up on posting, so this will be photo heavy. I could have done what I did a couple of days ago & did a separate entry for each face, but I decided not to this time... leave a note in comments telling me which you like better...

I don't know if I'll get 29 by the end of this month or not, but if I don't, that's cool! I'll just keep going until I do have 29, maybe more since I enjoy doing faces.. maybe this will be the summer of faces & this is just a warmup? That orI may try doing a sketchbook challenge to FILL UP a 50+ page sketchbook in a month...

I will try to get 29 by the end of the month since it's good practice.
I'm not really sure what I'm aiming for except to just Keep Doing Faces and by persisting, I may understand why. Either way, it's awesome practice & fun...

I do have moments when I'm not sure if I want to do a person I know, either from real life or a photo, or if I want to make up faces... I'm doing both, tho more are from real people.
I'm trying to play & have fun & not be so serious, although I enjoy being serious sometimes when I'm focusing on how I want to do the faces. Although I like drawing with graphite, it doesn't photograph well at all, so I'm using a Sakura Pigma point pen & experimenting with different weights of lines & hatching to get variouls light and dark values... and then there's my arsenal of colors, which I may talk about some other time!

A caveat: some of the faces came out a bit blurry, especially the bigger versions of the ink drawings... another caveat: it's late, I'm sleepy, I may do some revising on this entry.. :)

I did a bit more on the pastel face by going over it with an oil based colored pencil: Lyra Polycolor:


Nannie, my friend's mom, 5/20:


Donna Summer in ink, May 21st:

Donna Summer in watercolor pencil, May 23rd:


Before adding water:


May 23rd: Jimbo! the upright bass player from Reverend Horton Heat:


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May 18, 2012

May 18th-29 Faces

For this one, I took out my watercolor book:


and my oil pastels...and drew another imaginary girl.

At first I thought that maybe she was a somewhat more realistic rendition of my cartoon character "Girl Blob" (I have not shared her on my blog yet..) but I don't think she is... she may be a friend of "Girl Blob" though! :)

I don't know if this is finished or not: I'd like it to look less crayon-y without having to press hard with the pastels: I'd like to find a way to get some of the color looking more solid. I may want to get some oil or turps or some other medium to work with this... I'm also curious to see what varnish gel medium (acrylic base) would do over oil pastel, but somehow I have a hunch that wouldn't work out too well.. or maybe it will. I'll try it on something else & see what happens.
I do love the way the eyes came out, crackly-white showing through the color, so if I do any modifications, I will leave the eyes alone. without further ado, here is my new friend:


We won't talk about the nose... my noses need work...

I'm not sure where I'm going with this but it's an interesting journey...

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May 17th-29 Faces

This girl is an imaginary face. I followed a tutorial at this link. I had fun drawing her:


First I used a .7mm mechanical pencil & then went over that with a Sakura pigma pen, about .5mm...

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May 14th Monday Night Drawing Group-29 Faces

Monday we had drawing group, which was a lot of fun... I get ideas for things I want to do and also, it's good practice.. and just plain fun! Here are 2 portraits that I cropped from drawing Monday night's model:

The first one was a 3/4 view:


Here is a profile view:


And another profile view:


This one is sort of an odd angle because she was on a break talking to one of the artists & I noticed that it was a cool pose... not something for a 20-25 minute pose because she was leaning on her hands, so she stayed in that pose for 10 minutes...

This is from the first warm-ups at Drawing Group which I did in ink with washes with a brush:


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May 9th-Indian blanket Face- 29 Faces

I picked an Indian blanket & decided to do a face based on it... I used Inktense & Bienfang water color (actually ink) brushes to do this design... it was fun to do!


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May 7th-29 Faces

Just catching up with the camera... this one is from when I went to my drawing group on May 7th... I cropped the face for this:


Crappy photos... not sure what I need to do to get better photos.. even if I had a scanner, I probably couldn't do these with one because of the wire binding.

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May 16, 2012

faces & such

Okay, I'll take some photos in a bit & will post later...

I had started a collage of a face on some MSD (masonite) board & now I can't find it.. no biggie, I'll start another & will finish the other if it turns up, probably when I'm looking for Something Else!

Monday night, we had drawing group & it was fun... did brush & ink & wash for the quicker poses and graphite for the rest. I would have liked to have used my fine line ink pen but it was in my purse in the car & I didn't feel like going out to get it. That's okay, got to practice on shading!

The linen silk yarn from Colourmart arrived a couple of days ago & the linen cone & bourette (textured) silk arrived yesterday. I'll probably do this sunburst poncho or this pervenche poncho Will be swatching & see which I like. I believe both ponchos are knit in the round so need to swatch the yarn in the round.. probably will use the linen for it, we'll see!!

I have about 1200 yards of linen and about 500 yards of the silk...

I mostly want something pretty that will cover my arms in cool overly air conditioned areas in the summer... a shawl may be better, more versatile, but I've never really been able to wear them gracefully...suspect similar with ponchos...

Going to go check the WPI, read a couple of patterns to see how to best do a swatch, and do some other stuff around the house!

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May 07, 2012


Trying to catch up on the A-to-Z challenge didn't go well... missed a couple of days & then lost track of it and the next thing I know: WEEK BEHIND! Eek. Ok. I guess what I'll do at this point is to post the ones that I've done and will move on to May's challenge.. yeah I know, starting late, but had some family issues last week (and they're still going on, so I'll do my best)...

Either I can do a copycat challenge where I draw or paint (or whatever) the works of artists that I like, old masters, contemporary, etc... only I can see that getting me into trouble with copyright... ugh. That would have to be a private challenge, not something I'd post on the blog unless it's Van Gogh or DaVinci or similar...

OR I could do the 29 faces challenge... yeah, I'll do that.. will set a goal for 20 faces. Some will be made up, some will be real people: people I know & people I don't. I don't usually like to work from photos, but I may do that also..

Since I can't get the stuff on the side to stay put, I'll just post the link to the challenge at the top of every post...

Looking over the stuff I already posted, I think I like my B: Bluebonnets piece the best... and maybe one or two of the things I haven't put on the blog yet...

ANOTHER possible challenge, which comes from
this blog But we'll see if some of the family issues are more resolved by then, or if we can still do this challenge anyway...

On the knitting front, I decided to knit a shawl or/and poncho to wear to look just a little bit nicer... had some birthday money, so I bought some yarn, a couple of patterns, but since I want to get off the computer, I'll post links and such another time. I'm working on one with some Panda Bamboo Cotton, just to give me a few minutes every so often for some sanity...

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