October 23, 2008

Puppy Photos, finally!

The new DVD-CD rom drive arrived yesterday & I was able to transfer the puppy/mama photos onto the hard drive... also Evan tried installing Ubuntu. It has a program called F-Spot which I'm HOPING is the answer to my camera-computer communication issues! We shall see!

There's 12 puppies in here (she lost 2, not sure why, but now there are 10):


Under the house the day after they were born:


Puppies & mama in doghouse:


She was so skinny... we'd been feeding her & caring for her for about 10 days before the puppies were born. I'm glad we found her, but wish we found her sooner so we could have fed her more...

Another (a day later):


Puppies in the hand:




Two pictures of a lapful of puppies:



Hope you enjoyed them! Sometime soon, I'll be taking photos of each puppy... it's getting easier for me to tell some of them apart now. :)

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October 18, 2008


We have another new pooch! On October 4th, the boys found a dog wandering around town near our property: she was very skinny, scratched up & pregnant. We took care of her, fed her & offered her a blanket on the front porch & a few days later, the local shelter loaned us a doghouse for her, which she stayed in. Her name is Theresa (she told me her name within 10 minutes of meeting her) and she looks and acts like a blue tick coonhound

She had her puppies on October 15th... 12 of them, 2 didn't make it. She had her puppies under our house & on the 2nd night, we brought them in & the doghouse is now IN our house & she's in there with her puppies. 2 of them are black (may have a black & tan/brown coonhound face, not sure, we're being reserved about picking up the puppies and limiting to petting them) and the rest are black-charcoal-grey spotted & white or brown-tan spotted & white...and they have the homely puppy noses... LOL

IMPORTANT: we did NOT set out to bring new puppies into a world already overflowing with homeless animals: this dog was pretty far along in her pregnancy when she came to us so the best thing we could do was take her in & feed her & care for her. We volunteer with our local animal shelter & see how hard it is for them to find homes.

Once the puppies are weaned, we will have the mama spayed & rehome the puppies. We'll probably keep mama.

There's more, but today was a bit of a busy day & I need to make some Satin balls for Theresa. I'll also offer some to Dumbledore, one of our 6 yr old cats who has not been doing well the last few months, he's not been eating well, his breathing is a little labored, he just finished a round of antibiotics & we're not sure if that helped or not. It could be FIP (feline infectious peritonitis or pneumonia or something else. He's still kind of active and sometimes follows me around in the kitchen, but when I offer him stuff, he doesn't do well with it...

We're still working on the camera-computer-communication issues & my CD rom drive isn't working, but I've got another on the way so will be able to transfer pictures that way. It's a little klutzy: I take the pictures, bring the SD card to the store to have the pictures burned onto a CD and then come home & upload the CD media onto the computer & voila. For $2.50 a CD that's not TOO terrible! I'll probably have photos around midweek!

Hope everyone is finding this blog okay! I forgot to post the link for this page on some of my ads on the fiber lists... oops!

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October 11, 2008

Just testing

to see if this shows up on the public page... if it does, I'll start posting more here since for some reason anything I post on my (main blog) has not been showing updated entries... I hope this one will!!!!! I miss posting & have some photos to share, etc., etc... new puppy that we got in August, etc...

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