April 11, 2006

Our Yearly Trek for Matzo

Today we're going on our yearly trek to the metromess to pick up matzo and any other Passover foods that look interesting & useful. I think we will be picking up 4 or 5 packs this year. 2 years ago on my knitting and weaving blog I wrote that we picked up three 5-packs...

I'm trying to think whether or not 20 boxes will be enough but Gary says that the twins have really picked up on their eating lately and may be growth spurting... 5 would be awesome, but I THINK 4 would be enough... that gives us 20 boxes & I think 25 would be a bit much, though maybe next year we'll really need 5... hard to say! However many we got last year, we did have 1 or 2 boxes left over, which we ate one day a few weeks when we ran out of bread and didn't really NEED to go shopping except for bread & a couple of other things.

We make our own matzo meal by crushing the matzo in a jar... much cheaper than buying a box of matzo meal!


Micah has gotten interested in beading and in knots. He has 2 pieces of rope (about 3 feet each) that he has been using to practice odd knots. I think he has been getting most of his knots from here

Evan came to the conclusion that one way to avoid fighting over the computer would be to play Battle for Wesnoth, which is a multiplayer game. Only problem with that is that Reuven wants to play SuperTux, which is kind of like Donkey Kong. He LOVES Tux:


Off to look for some new (to me) passover recipes so that I can put together a good shopping list!

Also will think of a new name for our "school"... TWWRHS is a mouthful & I think something academy would be better since we're not "doing school" but are doing things based on interests... will figure it out sometime in the next couple of months...

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