March 31, 2006


It's been a while since I posted...had some computer system & file juggling to do, but I think we're okay now!

We're coming into the warmer weather, which I don't like a whole lot, but once we get the air conditioners installed, it should be okay...

Micah is doing a lot of science research and wants to get some chemistry supplies and is learning how to make bead jewelry to sell so that he can buy some of the things he wants. His father will supervise all his chemistry experiments once he gets started.

Reuven finally learned to write his name, but he writes it backwards (perfect mirror image) most of the time... I thought he needed to know how to write his name in order to get a library card, but he doesn't... so we got him one the last time we went to the library. He is so thrilled to have a card with his name on it... (I keep all cards in my wallet except for Evan's & Gary's)...

We have to go to Lowes today to pick up some more plumbing supplies to replace the pipes that go from the house to the septic system.

Unschooling is making more sense to me... thinking back to what I learned when I was in school: I don't really remember much of what I was forced to "learn"... don't want to do that to the kids.. I retained the things that I wanted to learn, that were interesting.

I remember I had a science class in 7th grade (or whatever Junior high grade it was)...I decided that I wanted to impress the teacher so I spent a whole weekend studying for a test we were going to have, really worked hard on it... I don't think I remember any of it... don't remember much history or what we read in English & literature classes & for the most part, math calculations get better with practice when you need them, not because some teacher said "do it"... I don't remember geometry or proofs or anything like that... all I remember was that I had classes in several of those subjects!

I do remember a lot of my art classes in college & some creative writing (which wasn't a how-to class, but a critique/tear each other apart class! )... maybe I'll write about my art classes/teachers another time...

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