November 26, 2005

A little more progress

We're making a little more progress, seeing more of the floor & finding some cool things...there is less and less dust as time goes on!

Friday, Gary installed a light/ceiling in the boys' bedroom and the boys were fascinated watching him. There are 2 light/fan power switches in their room & they were fascinated by it...

Tomorrow we'll go to Home Depot and pick out flooring for the bathroom and a few other things for the bathroom...hopefully Monday or Tuesday we'll be able to have the water turned on and connect the water.

We also need to hang new sheetrock in the ceiling in the living room... also need to secure the place here, there & yon so that the animals won't get out until we get some decent fencing around the place!

We're hoping to start moving and having our old place cleared out by a week from Monday. We'll be able to store some things in the barn before moving them, so we'll only take essentials along with us. The more things that are out of the way, the better.

Anyone know how well a solitary guinea fowl rooster would adapt to being moved? He's not real tame, but he'll come running at top speed if we have a treat for him...he'll holler at us, look at us suspiciously, MAYBE peck a treat from our hands... but won't let us pet him & might run or fly up to the roof if we're too noisy, so I don't know how easy he is going to be to catch to put in a carrier...

Gotta go to sleep...Saturday's another day!

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November 23, 2005


We've been working on the house the last couple of days & have been making progress.

The boys got to cut some thin trees down (that were in bad places, growing into the house, that sort of thing)

Gary worked on the bathroom, which is needing a rebuild. We'll be putting in a new floor in the bathroom (probably ceramic)...

We'll also be re-flooring the dining room & kitchen... the roof needs re-doing & we're really not sure whether we'll opt for a temporary "patch" (in the way of a tarp or something like that) or whether we'll try to actually re-roof the house... lots to do!

While I was sorting through some stuff that I wanted to throw away, I found a twenty dollar bill! We'll use it toward going out for Thanksgiving dinner! We're still going to have a turkey, but we'll make it over the weekend: we want to take advantage of the good weather... it's supposed to turn cool after tomorrow or Friday...

Wish we could make our turkey dinner at the house, but it's still do dusty to prepare food..

We have to pack here so we can start putting some stuff in the barn so that the new owner of the property here can do whatever she wants with the mobile home & start building & such... I don't know if she is going to have it wrecked or try to have it moved, but it'd probably be best to just wreck it since it might not make it very far down the road if she has it moved! We've been avoiding making repairs to the mobile home because we knew we were going to be moving...

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November 05, 2005

Eggs & Acorns

We're going the unschooling route with the older 2 for now... we're going to be moving & we'll have lots of work to do at our "new" place, renovating, etc., and they'll be able to help their dad with measuring & other related stuff... like taking out old walls (only one bedroom needs this), putting in new walls & framing (kitchen & DR: old walls are already out) & taping & bedding & painting... flooring needs work, that kind of thing... so they'll learn a LOT from that and get some applied math thrown in as well.

I feel much less frustrated for the time being!


Micah was poaching eggs this morning... we don't have any fancy gizmos to hold the eggs in place, so he thought "maybe if I separate the eggs & whip up the whites, the whites won't spread as much"...he separated the eggs, whipped the whites, then put the whipped whites into the boiling water and then put the yolk on top & they didn't "bond"... I guess if that trick worked, it would've been in all the cookbooks! :)

Gnome Math

I've only recently heard of Gnome math, so it's a brand new concept to me: if any knows of any websites (yes I've tried google & only found some very general stuff, not enough to really take off with) or books that talk about it either in depth or enough so that I can make up stories? I know there's something to do with the color of the gnomes & the 4 functions...

Acorn math

Harrison & I (and Reuven, too) were doing some math last night with some acorns that we picked up in town yesterday... different type of oak tree than what we've got on our property: it was a live oak, with larger acorns than our oak trees... he was thrilled...

Later Gary told me that there's another type of oak tree that has acorns the size of a small fist... Harrison'd be in hog heaven if we found some of these!

Have a good weekend, everyone! I think we may be having record warm temperatures...

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