September 30, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, this girl-doggie, Emma, started following my guys around when they went to visit friends, etc... Micah told me about her about a week or 2 ago... I went out & looked & told him to bring her some food... since then, we got to know her, she's gotten comfortable about coming inside & has just plain become a family member. She didn't give her a choice & that's fine!

She's mostly quiet & shy, but has a bit of a playful side & is sweet. I can only cuddle with her if Pixel isn't in the room...

H'ere's a couple of pix I took on my phone... eventually I'm sure I'll get some better ones.



We think she is either an "everything" dog or maybe a basenji or part basenji.. (what other dogs weighing 40ish pounds with a lean compact body has a brindle coat?) except she doesn't have the characteristic curly tail & she is heavy for her size, figure 40ish but she is smaller than Indy & Pixel, not as tall or long..

About one of the pictures (the one with very LONG human legs next to Emma).. could have cropped the legs, but I left them there to get a sense of Emma's size. We don't have skirting yet but we will eventually get it & probably plant some perrenial herbs there...

Report on Indy-he's doing very well, the vet is very pleased with how he is healing & we have an appointment in 4 weeks to have another look... depending on how he's doing, the pin may come out then. We'll see! I haven't been pushing him to do anything in particular, mostly following his lead & keeping him in a small area so he can take it easy & heal that femur..


Took out my tapestry loom & was starting to color in the owl cartoon I made & when I went looking in my tapestry yarn box, I found another smaller copper tapestry loom that already has a warp on it.. not much else, started weaving a header... I think I'm going to do one of my Girl Blob tapestries on that warp... (and I need to write about Girl Blob... I know who she is in my head...)

I suck at taking photos... promised to put some up... would rather use the camera in good lighting than my phone for pictures, still need to get batteries for the camera! Maybe if someone buys some yarrrrrrrrrrn or patterns... hehe

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September 27, 2011

rigid heddle looms

I've been talking to another weaver who has been wanting to downsize her studio or shop and she has the following looms for sale, still waiting for more info, meanwhile, I thought I'd post the photos:

This one is the Leclerc... heard that it's heavy, not sure if it's the Bergere or not?

Leclerc  rh 15-sm.JPG

Is this a Beka? If so, an older model, not one of the newer ones?

Rigid heddle 19sm.JPG

Not sure what this loom is, anyone know?

rigid h l8sm.JPG

Sorry about the smudges on the photos, I did that to take off personal info...

If anyone knows anything about these looms, ease of use, light/heavy, etc., let me know! Thanks!

Art! Drawing!

Been going to drawing sessions & last night was the last one for a while... no pix yet because we need batteries for the camera & the cell phone photos don't come out too great. May see if some batteries I found still have some juice in them.

The models for all 4 drawing sessions have been great. Can't pick a favorite because that would be like asking which I prefer, oranges, apples, pistachio nuts or sunflower seeds! They are all different people & had their strengths. Last night's model got into some poses that aren't super comfy, but she did great with them... Friday's model held incredibly still and since it was one pose for the whole session, she got back into position each time almost perfectly. Last night's did also when she had to move briefly to relieve the discomfort from holding too still in a leaning or above head position...

I'll post favorites from my drawings after getting some camera batteries. Even if I had a scanner, the drawings would not fit.

Gotta scoot & do some things, so ta ta for now!

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September 17, 2011

This & that

I haven't been doing art every single day, but I have been doing some. I haven't taken any photos of any of it yet (but suppose I could do that now)...

I went to a figure drawing group on Monday & it was awesome. it has been several years since I have drawn from a model. I haven't totally forgotten how (and some of the drawing I have been doing has helped as well). I surprised myself in that I WANTED to draw with charcoal. Hopefully sometime this weekend, I will get some more charcoal to draw with. I'm on the fence about whether or not to get newsprint paper, though. If something comes out good, I would like to at least have been drawing on decent quality drawing paper... so we'll see!


I've been knitting & have been making my son a button hat from this pattern and I'm having fun with it. One thing though, my son was supposed to help with the plain knitting but has been with friends. Even though I have several other knitting projects to work on, this one is compelling.

Why do I want my son to do some work on the hat? Less chance of losing it, maybe? Perhaps he'll appreciate it more if he had a hand in it, so I will try to be strong & leave the last 1-1/2 to 2 inches of plain knitting alone.

I would like another hat for this winter, but really would rather finish the Couldn't Foot It socks...

I made his hat with the Eggplant shade of Briggs & Little Handpainted Softspun yarn. Nex time I order from Briggs & LIttle, I'll get more colors. I'd like to have it on the website so that others can buy some as well as make myself a hat. Or maybe make hats to sell... they don't take long, except adding that to what I've already set up for myself to do...?

Still working on the "Can't Foot It" socks... not sure why I couldn't do at least a mid-calf version over that 4 day weekend starting July 28th with an extra day added onto that, and now it's taking me almost 2 months to finish. Maybe I'll get the leg finished today and get started on the cuff as I've got some knitting time planned. I also have some drawing time planned, so we'll see how much gets done.

Texas Wildfires

We're still under drought conditions even though we did have some rain (shall we call it big fat sprinkles?) but it'll take several weeks of this to get us back to normal. Some areas have already been reporting flooding even though there wasn't *that* much rain & it's because the ground isn't absorbing it well. Hopefully for the next few days, we'll just keep getting more of these sprinkles so as to prepare the ground for a good soaking.

In spite of that, some areas may not have gotten any rain. When I checked the fire activity map, it was showing fewer fires & NO red, meaning no new fires, so that is good news.

We have a bag packed & an evacuation plan in the event that something does happen and we have to leave again. So far the closest firest have been about 10 miles or so away from here. I've been on tenterhooks & have been trying to find a couple of things that made it out of the house when we had our fire in 2009... ugh.

Hopefully now that fall is here, we'll see much less in the way of fires.


Indy's been doing well, took him to the vet for a recheck on Thursday. She said she didn't feel any infection in the leg (he has a pin or rod in his leg since it was the femur & can't put a cast that high up) but since his temperature was slightly elevated, she put him on another antibiotic to be on the safe side. Looks like the pin/rod will be in for another 8 weeks... depends on how the healing goes! He's staying quiet, which is a good thing... he's a young dog so would want to be more playful, though at 1-1/2 years, maybe he's mellowing out? We're keeping him & Pixel apart since together they would be running all over the house!

This is getting long, so will scoot for now. Hopefully I'll have some photos later today or tomorrow.

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