SpinCraft Accessory Patterns

While most of these patterns are for knitting, a couple of crochet patterns are included as well.

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Wrap Around Shawl: 38-As
So easy to knit, but it looks complicated when done. This shawl starts in the center, at the neck, and grows until it is done.

Circular Bed Cape 14-As
Wrap up with a good book and this snuggly cape: cables and lace patterns enhance this easy project. Knit from the collar down. Lots of texture keeps the knitting interesting. Buttons up the front.

Shrugs 21-As
So simple to make, and yet so elegant. This exciting shawl is a rectangle with cuffs. It's your chance to practice new stitches - or use some thick bumpy yarn and make it warm and snug. Can be made on a knitting machine, hand knit, crocheted or even woven!

Cocoons 23-Sw
Lovely wrap made with your choice of stitches. It's a big square with a slit. The elegant look of this wrap is created by the particular way it drapes on the body. Can be woven, knit or crocheted.

Triangular Shawl 17-As
This lace patterns are easy to knit. Increases are done in center of shawl. Just keep knitting until it is the right size for you. A good Sheep-to-Shawl knitting project. Make a tam to match.

Multi Pattern Scarf 04-As
This scarf uses ten patterns combining the knit purl stitch. Perfect for the knitter wishing to increase skills. Looks great too!

Tucked Scarves 25-As
This scarf wraps around your neck with one side tucking into a little sleeve on the other. Two versions: garter stitch and lace. Very stylish and easy to make.