These purses have all been sold...if you'd like a custom purse or tote, email me! at These purses are cool! They are handwoven from 100% wool or a wool and mohair blend yarn (always 100% natural). The bags are felted and are thick and sturdy.

Some of these purses are one of a kind and may or may not be duplicated in the same color or/and pattern, depending on yarn availability. If you'd like to buy a similar purse or have one made for you, email me!

About buttons: Some of the purses will not show buttons.... these can be customized...

Custom colors and designs are available, please inquire!

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These small purses were handwoven and felted, with either a woven or knitted shoulder to hip or waist length strap/handle. They are approimately 5" wide by 7" high with a button flap. It is large enough for your keys, and a few other small items, small enough to be light.  
This dark blue and green purse is 100% wool, named "Nubby" for its' nubby texture.
Twilly Plaid
Twill and plaid pattern in wool and mohair yarn, fun and functional, this purse is a one of a kind design.
Planet Earth

This green and blue purse is made with wool and mohair yarn and a shoulder to waist or hip length hand knitted round strap and sports a wooden button. It reminds me of green grass and blue water and is a one of a kind creation.
Wine Rose and Pink Purse
Wine red and pink yarns turn this purse into a heathery pattern in wool and mohair... this purse sports a knitted shoulder strap and custom button
Shades of Grey Purse
Made with a 100% merino wool handpainted yarn, this purse has an interesting plaid effect. This bag is a little bit smaller than the others and would be a wonderful purse for a child or adult to carry a wallet or other small items.
This tote is 100% merino wool and felted, with two woven shoulder hip/waist length straps. It is approimately 12" square with a small 4" square pocket. The fabric reminds me of polar fleece, but it's all natural! It is large enough for a medium sized project, perhaps a spindle and some spinning fiber. You can carry a magazine or notebook,a small toy for a child, whatever you'd like to carry! It's my favorite bag, I use it all the time...