JaggerSpun Yarns

Color card samples of the yarns and PayPal buttons are now on site...if you find any errors, no matter how minute, please email us to let us know!

We may carry individual yarns that can be wound off by the ounce in the future.

JaggerSpun yans are beautiful natural yarns and are wonderful for knitting and weaving and other yarn crafts. The yarns included are 100% wool, superfine merino wools, superwash (machine washable) wools, alpaca-wool and silk-wool blend yarns. They come in different weights and a wide range of colors.

Sample cards are $4.00 each or $25.00/set,including shipping in the US.

Retail prices are listed below...
Yarns are drop-shipped from Jaggerspun... they don't always have all colors in stock, so please email if you must have a certain color!
Shipping is figured out after you place your order unless you email me for an invoice for your yarn with accurate shipping.

Shipping will be sent by UPS or USPS... we'll go with the cheaper option unless you have a preference for one or the other.

Any discounts will be handled by refunds unless you pay by check or request an invoice for your order... email me for shipping overseas & in Canada! Cheaper shipping is available by priority mail for 1 cone within the United States.

Yarn cones are usually 1 pound, but occasionally are a bit overweight... or underweight: these discrepancies will be adjusted with shipping refunds and they're rarely over 2 ounces... divide the cone price by 16 to find the ounce price...

Note about the shipping costs: If you're ordering more than 1 different type of Jaggerspun yarn, it would be better to email me so I can put together a PayPal invoice which will give you accurate shipping. If you're ordering more than 1 color/same yarn, click on the very first option that reads: "(yarnname) DIFFERENT COLORS: List COLOR & WEIGHTS in Comment box"... just click the Buy One box more than once if you want more than one color...and either put a note in the paypal comment box or send an email.

The Maine Line:
$35.50 for 2/8 and 3/8
$38.50, for 2/20

$31.50 for 2/8 and 3/8
$33.00 for 2/20

Stats for Maine Line & Heather:
100 % wool
2/20: 5,600 yards/lb
2/8: 2,240 yards/lb (fingering/jumperweight)
3/8: 1,490 yards/lb (sport weight)
dry clean or hand wash in cool water & dry flat

Zephyr Wool-Silk
$55.60 for 2/18

50% merino/50% tussah silk
5,040 yards/lb
dry clean

Superfine Merino
$43.80 for 2/18

100% Australian Merino wool, super fine grade
5,040 yards/lb
dry clean or hand wash in cool water & dry flat

Super Lamb 2/24 & 4/8
$41.15, for 2/24 & 4/8
100% Merino Lambswool, fine grade
Machine wash and tumble dry.
2/24 is 5,960 yards/lb
4/8 is 1,100 yards/lb

Green Line
1 lb cones are $42.20
Stats for Green Line:

100% Organic Merino wool, fine grade.
3/8 -- approx. 1,490 yds./lb. - 1 lb. cones (sport weight)
Prices subject to change