Briggs & Little
Handpainted Softspun 2 Ply and Lite N Fancy 1 Ply
100% Wool Yarns

NOTE Orders will be placed on Monday evenings & they get to us at the end of the week. We can only place special orders when we have approximately 7 pounds on order. If you need less yarn, email for more details.I will post on the yahoogroup lists (WeavingSalesAds or FiberBuyAndTrade), or email me to find out when I can place an order.

Handpainted Softspun comes in a light worsted weight and sport weight yarn. It is Handpainted by Fleece Artist. The light worsted yarn comes in 4 ounce skeins and the lite and fancy yarn comes in 2 ounce skeins. It is a 25 micron wool and is soft enough to wear next to the skin.

If you'd like to order a bundle, they come in bundles of 8 for a good savings and a multipack of 10 containing 2 of each color.

Keep in mind that this yarn is handpainted, so there may be variations in the colors shown on the color card!

Patterns for Briggs & Little Regal and Softspun and Sport will work nicely with this yarn. For some examples, see the Briggs & Little patterns page.

NOTE: Shipping is additional and will be charged separately unless you email me first for a custom invoice! We will send you a PayPal money request with the correct amount for yarn & shipping if you email us with your order information.we can send you the correct amount for shipping if you email us. If you live outside the US, click the email link for an invoice.

If you want to pay by check or money order, please email us for payment information.

Orders will be placed on Tuesdays & they get to us at the end of the week. We can only place orders when we have enough to make minimum. Email for more details

Handpainted Softspun (by Fleece Artist)
100% wool, 2ply, 4 oz (114g)
20sts=4"(10 cm) on 4.5 mm needles
240 yds(219 m)/skein

Lite N Fancy Handpainted Softspun (by Fleece Artist)
100%wool, 1 ply, 2 oz (57g) 24 sts/m = 4″ (10cm) on 3 mm needles
240 yds (219 m)/skein

10 skein softspun (light worsted weight) cream: $85.00
8 skeins bundle of light worsted weight (all one shade): $109.00
10 skein light worsted handpainted multipack is $136.00
8 skein bundle (all one shade) of lite n fancy is $82.00
10 skein Lite N Fancy multipack is $92.00

Lite N Fancy Multipack of 10
This multipack includes 2 skeins each of the handpainted colors
US$92.00 per 10-skein multipack

Lite N Fancy 8 skein bundle
US$82.00 8 skein bundle

Worsted Weight Softspun Cream
US$85.00 per 10 skeins

Worsted Weight Handpainted Bundles
US$104.00 per 8 skeins

Worsted Weight Handpainted Multipack of 10
US$129.00 per 10 skeins
this multipack includes 2 each of the handpainted colors