Briggs & Little Yarns
Knitting, Crocheting & Weaving Yarns
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At the moment, I'm not keeping very much Briggs & Little yarn in stock because of storage limitations, so most orders will be special order for now. I may be doing hand painted yarns, so keep an eye on that page.

I have a new distributor so can get most of the yarns pretty quickly. Exceptions are the following Briggs & Little yarns: Regal Durasport Softspun Handpainted Super some colors of the other lines* These yarns will include a $5 surcharge per order unless your order is 25 skeins or larger. The yarns I can get quickly are: Country Roving Super Atlantic Heritage Tuffy Sport *Not all colors are available from the new distributor which will be marked with an asterisk. 6/10/15 note: they may not be marked right now, please email if you wish to know if that color will fall under the surcharge. All Briggs & Little yarns come in 4 oz. Skeins

NOTE: Shipping is additional and will be charged separately unless you email me first for a custom invoice! We will send you a PayPal money request with the correct amount for yarn & shipping if you email us with your order information.

All individual skeins of sport, Regal, Heritage, Aran, Atlantic & Super are $6.25/skein or 10 skeins for $57.00 plus shipping.

The Aran yarn is one color (natural)... mixing and matching colors & yarn types within the Briggs & Little line qualifies for the 10-per discount. You can mix and match colors/yarn types within the Briggs & Little line, for an invoice, email


If you want to pay by check or money order, please email us by clicking on the email link above for your shipping total.

These yarns are wonderful for knitting, crocheting & weaving (and anything other creative things you might do with your yarns). Make things for yourself, your home, to sell, etc...

We can get Briggs & Little Sport, Regal, Heritage Aran, Atlantic 3 ply, Super... we can also get wool batts for spinning.
The yarns have their own pages, check the links on the left side of the screen.

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