Briggs & Little Yarns
Knitting, Crocheting & Weaving Yarns
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At the moment, I'm not keeping very much Briggs & Little yarn in stock because of storage limitations, so most orders will be special order for now. I will be doing hand painted yarns, so keep an eye on that page.

All Briggs & Little yarns come in 4 oz. Skeins

NOTE: Shipping is additional and will be charged separately unless you email me first for a custom invoice! We will send you a PayPal money request with the correct amount for yarn & shipping if you email us with your order information.

All individual skeins of sport, Regal, Heritage, Aran, Atlantic & Super are $6.25/skein or 10 skeins for $57.00 plus shipping. The Aran yarn is one color (natural)... mixing and matching colors & yarn types within the Briggs & Little line qualifies for the 10-per discount. You can mix and match colors/yarn types within the Briggs & Little line, for an invoice, just

Orders will be placed on Mondays & they get to us at the end of the week. We can only place special orders when we have enough to make minimum. If you (and your friends) place an order/orders totalling $150 or more, I will be able to place the order the very next Monday evening after you place your order... Email for more details.

Shipping is additional. If you live outside the US please email us and we'll send you information about your shipping costs. We can either send you a PayPal money request or information about mailing payment.

If you want to pay by check or money order, please email us by clicking on the email link above for your shipping total.

ALSO: Don't worry about the warning about the Certificates not matching: all that means is that the certificate is owned by our website host but it is still safe to use PayPal here!

These yarns are wonderful for knitting, crocheting & weaving (and anything other creative things you might do with your yarns). Make things for yourself, your home, to sell, etc...

We can get Briggs & Little Sport, Regal, Heritage Aran, Atlantic 3 ply, Super... we can also get wool batts for spinning. Order your yarn from the one of the menus below email me at info@weavingrainbow. com

The batts are priced differently, please email me for more information. Country Roving has its own page.

Here are the color cards and other pertinent information for these yarns:

Briggs & Little Regal

100% Wool, 2 Ply
20sts = 10cm (4") on US 6 or 7 (approx 4.5mm)
272 yds/skein

This yarn is suitable for: Knitting sweaters, vests, socks, mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, afghans or pillow cases Weaving blankets, coating or upholstery material. This is also a popular yarn for tapestry weaving and comes in several beautiful shades.

US $57.00/10 skeins
Briggs & Little Sport

100% Wool, single Ply
24sts = 10cm(4") on 3mm needles (US2 or 3) 430 yds/skein

This yarn is great for: Knitting sweaters, vests, socks, mittens, gloves, hats Weaving blankets or coating material

Briggs & Little Heritage 2 ply
100% Wool
17sts = 10cm(4 ")
215 yds/skein
40+ Shades

Briggs & Little Heritage 2 Ply is a worsted weight yarn made with 100% wool. You can also use patterns that call for the Tuffy 2 ply is also wonderful for ROGUE! Click on Kits to see our Rogue kits.

This yarn is great knitting vests, sweaters, socks, mittens, gloves, hats and afghans. It is also good for weaving blankets or upholstery material

This yarn comes in 4 ounce skeins.

Briggs & Little Atlantic 3 ply

100% Wool, 3 Ply
14sts = 10cm(4") on 6mm needles
136 yds/skein

This yarn is suitable for: Knitting Outdoor sweaters, coats, mittens or hats. NOTE: threaded W&G is not available in SPORT 1ply or ATLANTIC 3ply

Briggs & Little Super

100% Wool, 4 Ply
11sts = 10cm(4") on 7.5mm needles 85 yds/skein

This yarn is suitable for: Knitting Outdoor sweaters, coats, hats or mittens Crafts, Latch hook rugs, macrame

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