Briggs & Little
100% Wool Country Roving

Briggs & Little 100% Wool Country Roving is a 5 ply Unspun pencil roving that is good for either hand spinning or knitting Cowichan style garments, as well as fleece filled mittens and thrums. It is an excellent substitute for the discontinued Bernat White Buffalo unspun yarn.

NOTE: 3 of the colors are not on the color card: Snow White, Lite Grey & Blue Heather. They are in the drop down menu.

Country Roving comes in 8 ounce rolls.

5 ply 100% wool unspun pencil roving 11sts to 10cm (4 in.) 340 Yds/lb (170 Yds in an 8 oz roll)

1 roll is $10.85, buy 15 for $140 ($9.30 each). Mixing and matching Briggs & Little yarns is fine to qualify for the 25-per discount.

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Orders will be placed on Tuesdays & they get to us at the end of the week. Email me for more details about this.

100% Wool 5 ply Unspun Country Roving
US$ 10.85 per 8 oz skein

Buy 15 rolls of Country Roving US$140.00 per 15 rolls
If you want different colors in a 15 pack, email us for an accurate invoice at